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1) IRS Contact
You talk to us, we talk to the IRS and determine what needs to be fixed, the best way, and a timeline to get it done.
2) Protection
By submitting a written Proposal for Resolution you are protected from levies and other IRS seizures.
3) Negotiation
We negotiate a formal resolution with the IRS, securing protection for the life of the agreement.

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What everyone’s saying

I hired M&M to take care of my tax matter.  I did this after working with an attorney that wasted my money and got nothing completed.  Then I hired M&M May of 2018.  They took my file, kept their word and they were able to get rid of $52,000 dollars in fines [penalties]!  All of M&M's staff were great to work with!  I am now free to move forward with my life and business because of M&M tax service!
Best Regards
Sally L., Small Business Owner, Sacramento CA - April 2019
This letter is in reference to the Great job M&M done for us to get a resolve to an issue that was brought to our attention years after the actual problem occurred.  I was taken back from this issue since this was the first time of knowing we had such an issue.

The actual problem was back from 2012 however was not brought to my attention until I received a visit from IRS agent in late 2015.  When he came into my office, he explained the issue and informed me that I owed him some money.  I asked him how much and apologized for the error.  He gave me a figure and I immediately wrote him a check to get this problem corrected.  I thought at that time we had solved the issue and we moved forward only later to find out that was not the case.  I received a letter saying he check I wrote him was applied only to the interest and penalties and we still owed the original amount.  After contacting them to complain, I soon found out that they were prepared to get as much money as fast as possible even if they were not owed this money and they did not care.  I thought about it for a while and I seen some ads on TV talking about some companies in Colorado that could resolve any of your tax issues in a timely fashion.  I thought what do I have to lose I could not get any reasonable resolve myself.  I placed a call to one such company they really talked a great deal of hype and promised to get this resolved quickly and with all these penalties removed and a quick resolve to this whole issue.  We discussed how much it would cost and I sent them the money and we proceeded to get this under way.  I later found this company had a huge problem retaining employees and our case was not getting any resolve.  After contacting them on several occasions I learned they had no plans on getting this problem fixed they just wanted to keep collecting additional money from us to keep this an on-going income stream for them.  They always had an excuse of why they needed the additional money to continue our case or they would have to drop us as a client and we would be on our own.  I felt as if I was caught between a hard place and a rock because we had just spoke to the IRS agent and he informed us that they were charging additional penalties and fees and interest and all we seen from all of this was the actual bill being inflated to a very large sum of money (which was clearly a scheme).  This went on for just about two years.  

At this point of time I became very depressed about this issue because I did not know what to do, here we made an error a few years ago which was not a large sum of money and now we were facing a bill five times greater than our mistake.  Soon after that I received a letter from IRS stating since we were not getting this problem resolved they were going to levy all my bank accounts and put a lien on the properties we owned until this problem got resolved.  

It was then I realized I had to fire this company and hire someone I could trust getting this issue resolved.  I remembered I had received a phone call from a company by the name of M&M Financial and they seemed very professional and well spoken on the phone.  I placed a call into them and made a decision to hire this company.  I was put in contact with two associates to work on my case Jonathan Stewart and Lupe Figueroa.  Once they started working on my case, I felt a lot of relief just because I knew I had finally hired someone that was willing to work on our behalf.  Both Jonathan and Lupe worked diligently to get everything done in a timely fashion and to contact IRS agent and work with him to get this issue put to rest.  Both parties stayed in constant contact with me letting me know what was going on which was different because I had never heard from the other company unless they wanted additional money.  I admit I got frustrated from time to time only because there were things I did not understand and things I did not agree with that were being charged with however within a three-month time frame we go the levies and liens released and we were on the road to recovery.  Without Jonathan and Lupe we would still be in the pit piling on even more debt and trying to figure out what to do from there.

I only wish I would have hired M&M long before and not even considered the other company from Colorado because that only made the situation worse and a lot of additional cost.I thank Jonathan and Lupe for what they have done for us and would highly recommend them and M&M financial to represent anyone caught in a situation such as this.

Thank You once Again.
Small Business Owner, Illinois
I would like to say M&M Financial helped me out tremendously with my TAX problems.  I had so many sleepless nights worrying about how I was going to catch up on my back taxes and penalty.  M&M was so wonderful and so helpful at getting all my issues taken care of and addressing any issues immediately.  They never guided me wrong.  I will definitely use them again, if ever needed.  M&M is a very great company and I would recommend them to anyone.
Vicki, Florida

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