Remove & Reduce IRS Penalties

At M&M, we know that true tax debt relief is much more than just a hastily-prepared IRS Installment Agreement request, paired with a cookie-cutter request for the removal of penalties. But that’s the one size fits all approach that most tax resolution companies choose to take. If you feel like you deserve specialized tax debt relief, M&M is your best bet. Since 2005 we’ve continuously developed and innovated M&M’s Tax Resolution System. It allows us to work within the strict guidelines of the IRS and State taxing authorities while ensuring the best possible outcome for our clients. A big part of the M&M System is the reduction and abatement of IRS penalties.

Hefty penalty assessments are used by the IRS’ to encourage voluntary tax compliance. More often than not it works, in part due to the IRS’ infamous reputation. While most of us adhere to our nation’s tax codes and uphold our tax responsibilities, there are times when tax compliance isn’t possible. In certain cases, the IRS will consider removal or abatement of the penalties associated with a tax debt, if specific criteria are met. The problem is that the criteria for the reduction and abatement of IRS penalties are not clear to the average citizen, or even some skilled tax professionals. Consider the process of implementing a formal request for the reduction and abatement of penalties and the whole picture gets even cloudier.

M&M's Penalty Relief Success

At M&M, we have years of experience helping our clients reduce and remove penalties. Take a moment to a look a small sampling of our successful penalty abatements. We know what the IRS looks for when considering the abatement of penalties. And since you don’t get unlimited chances at penalty relief, it is important to get it right the first time.

M&M can help you do it. Check our BBB status , read what our clients have to say about us, ask your M&M Tax Advisor pointed questions and listening for honest answers.

The IRS may consider the abatement of penalties in cases that fall into a few general categories:
  1. Reasonable Cause
  2. Statutory Exceptions
  3. Administrative Waivers
  4. Correction of Service Error 
  5. Hazards of Litigation
Most of M&M’s clients seeking tax debt help fall into the Reasonable Cause category. When we tailor a penalty abatement request for a client, it is backed by the guidelines set forth in the Internal Revenue Manual wherever possible and penalty abatement case law when applicable. You simply complete our Penalty Abatement Questionnaire, return it to your M&M Tax Team with any backup documentation that you may have, and we’ll take it from there.

IRS Penalty Relief for your Business

If you’re a business owner with employment tax deposit penalties, we may be able to reduce your Failure to Deposit (FTD) penalties by designating your deposits, under the authority of Internal Revenue Code Section 6656(e). The IRS charges hefty penalties when employment tax deposits are missed or made late, even by one day. As part of M&M’s Tax Resolution System, we diligently check each of our business client’s IRS accounts for the opportunity to reduce penalties by re-allocating employment tax deposits.

M&M utilizes a comprehensive Tax Debt Relief System that aims to reduce and resolve our client’s tax liabilities while educating them in the compliance of their specific tax responsibilities. If you haven’t contacted us to find out how M&M’s Tax Resolution System can help you reduce and resolve your IRS or State tax debt, call us now to speak with one of our Senior Tax Advisors at (866) 487-5624. You’ll be glad you did!

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