Affordable IRS Installment Agreements

Any Tax Resolution Practitioner worth his or her salt knows that Installment Agreements (IAs) come in all shapes and sizes. As a result, IAs may be designed to cure even the most challenging and multi-faceted tax liability cases imaginable. Consider the list of different IRS IAs below.
  1. Guaranteed IAs
  2. Streamlined IAs
  3. Non-Streamlined IAs
  4. Fresh Start IAs
  5. Direct Debit IAs
  6. Partial Payment IAs
  7. Multiple Tier or Adjustable IAs
It’s often difficult to determine whether a taxpayer qualifies for one or the other. That’s a lot to keep track of! That is, unless you’re an M&M Tax Expert.

IAs can be specifically tailored to a delinquent taxpayer’s needs, if the practitioner has the know-how to use the IRS’ own rules and regulations to solve the problem(s) at hand. At M&M, we use the IRS to our advantage every day to the benefit of our clients. We’ve successfully negotiated hundreds of IAs since we opened our doors in 2005. Click on your state to find M&M tax debt relief case examples near you.

If you or your business have a tax debt and you can’t afford to pay it in full, you may need a formal IRS or State IA. The IRS approves formal IAs every day for delinquent taxpayers around the country. But the truth is that in many cases, especially business cases, Installment Agreements aren’t that easy to secure.

Negotiate a Payment Plan to Settle Your Back Taxes

It’s important to secure a manageable monthly payment on your first attempt. If you miss a payment because the amount is too high, your agreement will default. That’s bad news considering that a second IA is even more difficult to obtain than the first. And it’s a key reason to retain qualified, experienced, honest representation (M&M) in front of the IRS and/or State when you need tax debt help.

Obtaining a formal IA often means that you’ll have to supply the IRS and/or State with your personal financial information. And if you’re a business that owes payroll tax, you’ll be heavily scrutinized. You may be required to hand over your business and personal financial information. Considering that your IA will be structured around your ability to pay, it’s important that you have a professional that knows the back tax collection process in detail, at your side. That’s M&M Financial, your tax debt resolution experts.

Installment Agreements allow a delinquent taxpayer to pay their tax debt over time in monthly payments. It also provides protection from bank account levies and property seizures, not to mention peace of mind. Contact M&M today to find out how our Tax Resolution System can help you solve your tax debt puzzle.

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