Stop IRS Bank Levies and A/R Levies

We all know that prevention is the best medicine. This is especially true in the case of IRS and State back tax liabilities, as the taxing authorities don’t need permission slips or court orders to seize your assets, including:
  1. Wage Garnishment
  2. Vehicles
  3. Personal Residence
  4. Life Savings
  5. Retirement accounts, such as 410K and IRA
So if you’ve received delinquent tax notices from the IRS or State, it’s time to act quickly and decisively. If you don’t, it is only a matter of time before the IRS looks to your bank account and wages as their first step in enforcing collection of the tax you owe. If you own a business, your accounts receivable aren’t safe either. And if your business owes employment tax, the IRS will be extra tough on you.

IRS levies come in all sizes, but the problem is that it's difficult to determine how much the IRS levy will take, or when it will hit. If you take a proactive approach to resolving your tax debt by contacting the Tax Experts at M&M Financial today, your chances of avoiding a levy altogether increase dramatically. We know the steps necessary to resolve your tax debt and steer clear of IRS levies and wage garnishments. If you have already experienced a levy or garnishment, don’t waste time. Call M&M now at (866) 487-5624 to talk with one of our Senior Tax Advisors.

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Expert Levy Negotiation

Put our experience in negotiating IRS levy and wage garnishment releases to work for you. We know the ins and outs of IRS Collections and Appeals. We’ll contact the IRS on your behalf, and determine what it will take to get your levy or wage garnishment released. Then we’ll help you through the process, while acting as your voice to the IRS. At M&M we’ve guided hundreds of delinquent taxpayers through the tax collection gauntlet, including:
  1. IRS levies and Wage Garnishment Release
  2. Penalty Abatement
  3. Installment Agreement
  4. Offer in Compromise
  5. Lien Withdrawal, Lien Discharge, Lien Subordination
  6. Payroll Tax Debt Resolution
Tax debts can get ugly in a hurry. For businesses and individuals who are already struggling financially, an IRS levy or wage garnishment can be devastating, and more often than not compound the tax debt issues. If you need dependable tax debt relief during a difficult time in your life, don’t trust your livelihood to just anyone. Call the tax resolution experts at M&M. We provide straight forward solutions to complicated tax debt problems, including levy appeals. We’ll supply you with all the information you need to make an informed decision to get the IRS representation you need and tax debt relief you deserve. M&M is your go-to tax debt relief specialist.

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