10,000 HOURS

We’ve all heard the saying Practice Makes Perfect. It’s the basic idea behind the 10,000-hour rule.

Whether you believe in the 10,000-hour rule or not, it does shine a light on the idea that deliberate practice is a fundamental part of developing expertise.

Over the past two decades, we’ve developed systems that ensure consistent, quality outcomes on our Sales Floor, in our Resolutions Department and for our clients.

At M&M we track several training tools to determine mastery our Systems.
  1. Knowledge and Understanding of Policy and Procedure,
  2. Time on Task, and
  3. Implementation of Our Systems Under the Correct Conditions
10,000 hours reminds us that mastering your craft takes time and effort. We use 5,000 hours and 10,000 hours as benchmarks.

We also understand that it’s not just repetition. It takes deliberate practice, good teaching, feedback, and efficient systems to accomplish mastery. Not only does it take a lot of dedication by the M&Mer learning the system, but also a commitment by all of M&M to mentor and teach our coworkers.

Of course, we don’t stop at 10,000 hours. We’re constantly staying on top of changes and trends. We roll up our sleeves each day and work toward becoming the best, for ourselves and our clients.
  1. We learn the ins and outs of the systems,
  2. Observe expert M&Mers implementing the systems,
  3. Begin to assist in execution of each task within the systems, all before
  4. Putting it into action with supervision and guidance

M&M Business Development Systems Expert 

M&M Tax Advisor and Consultation Systems Expert 

M&M Resolutions and Relief Systems Expert 

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Combine M&M’s Federally Licensed Enrolled Agents with 10,000+ hours of dedicated Tax Resolution and Relief training, and you have an Expert handling your case. We’ve developed our Tax Resolution and Relief Systems over the past 2 decades to ensure our clients get consistent, quality results.  

M&M’s Enrolled Agents are federally licensedby the US Treasury. Each has demonstrated expertise in taxation by passing a 3-part taxation exam covering –
  1. Individuals,
  2. Businesses,
  3. Representation, Practices and Procedures
The Enrolled Agent license is the highest credential the IRS awards. It affords M&M unlimited rights to represent our clients before the IRS.

Each Enrolled Agent at M&M is required to take 72 hours of continuing education every 3 years (24 hours each year). Those of us that are members of the National Association of Enrolled Agents (NAEA) are required to take 30 continuing education credits each year. That’s 6 hours per year above and beyond federal requirements.

In addition, we must abide by the Department of Treasury’s Circular 230 – Regulations Governing Practice before the Internal Revenue Service. And each Enrolled Agent takes a minimum of 2 Ethics education hours each year.

We take Ethics seriously. M&M has earned the following honors.
  • A+ BBB Rating since 2005
  • 13 BBB Complaint Free Awards since becoming eligible in 2006
  • 2015 BBB Torch Award for Marketplace Ethics
  • 4.3 Star Rating on Google (as of 01/24/2024)