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Flat Fee Tax Help

For taxpayers drowning in IRS tax debt, the “pennies on the dollar” Offer in Compromise (OIC) program sounds almost too good to be true.  It often is.  But to hear many of M&M’s shady competitors tell it, the IRS green lights just about every OIC request, regardless of how much money the IRS stands to lose.  Now don’t get me wrong.  Some taxpayers are good candidates for the OIC, but most just aren’t.  And if someone representing you submits a botched OIC request to the IRS, you could end up with an even larger tax liability than you started with.

The kicker is that many of the crooked tax resolution companies that dot the landscape know from the day one that most OIC requests will be denied.  So why would they go through the hassle of submitting all of that complicated, time-consuming OIC paperwork to the IRS?  Because the OIC, was just the set up.  Now that the taxpayer is in the door, and his or her initial fee to the company has been spent chasing unicorns, the company is in a prime position to charge that taxpayer more money to pursue an IRS Installment Agreement, which they probably should have done in the first place.

Why engage in such dirty tricks?  Because they work.

The Price of Professional Tax Relief

Another common trick in the tax resolution that is popular is the verbal promise of a Flat Fee, with a Client Contract that states hourly rates in the fine print. Before you sign anything, read it carefully.  And remember, it can be difficult to know who to trust unless you do your homework.

At M&M we make it easy for you. We’ll direct you to our Chicago Better Business Bureau page, so you can see our A+ BBB rating and history for yourself. We give you a long list of Client References to call. We’ll let you talk to an M&M Licensed Tax Relief Expert that will be listed on your Power of Attorney to represent you, before you hire us. And every client is quoted an up-front Flat Fee for tax relief services.

Payment Options

Using feedback from our clients, we’ve eliminated the one-time, upfront payment for our services.  Our Flat Fee may be paid in installments to M&M allowing our clients to see us work as we guide them through the resolution process.

Unlike many of M&M’s competitors, we do not start a new client relationship with a plan to charge additional fees.  We quote a flat fee to each prospective client, and our clients determine the rest.  That’s right.  Our clients determine whether or not they pay any additional fees to M&M.  All of this is outlined verbally prior to M&M’s engagement, and in our Agreement for Professional Services.

We allow our clients to take control of their tax debt problems and their M&M Service Fee.  Let us help you get rid of your IRS and State tax debt for good. Contact M&M today.


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