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Are You Ready for Your IRS Form 4180 Trust Fund Interview?

In previous blog posts I’ve talked about the Trust Fund portion of a 941 payroll tax debt that plagues many business owners. The Trust Fund is the portion of an IRS payroll tax debt that can be assessed to a business owner and other Responsible Individual(s) of the business. To determine who the Responsible Individual(s) may be and assess the Trust Fund, the IRS goes through an investigation process.

An integral part of the Trust Fund Investigation process is the IRS form 4180 Interview. The interview questions help the IRS determine the Responsible Individual(s) of the business. If you are scheduled to undergo the 4180 Interview, it is helpful to arrive prepared. The Interview itself can last an hour or more, depending on your IRS Revenue Officer. One thing that may shorten the length of the Interview is to arrive with your completed 4180 form in hand, or better yet, mail it to your Revenue Officer ahead of time and bring your own copy to the Interview. This may get you out of there in half the time. And for a business owner, time is money.

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