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Did you know that the IRS will automatically give you an Installment Agreement (IA) to satisfy your unpaid tax debt with few or no questions asked?  According to Internal Revenue Code 6159(c), the IRS must accept proposals to pay in installments if taxpayers:
  1. Owe income tax only of $10,000 or less (excluding penalties and interest);
  2. Have not failed to file and pay income tax returns for each of the 5 previous taxable years;
  3. Cannot pay the back-tax liability immediately;
  4. Agree to pay the back-tax liability in installments within 3 years;
  5. Agree to file and pay all tax returns timely during the term of the agreement; and
  6. Have not entered into an installment agreement during any of the previous 5 taxable years.
The list above eliminates thousands of delinquent taxpayers from automatic acceptance of an Installment Agreement.  If you fall outside of these criteria, it’s time to talk to the tax debt experts at M&M about erasing your back-tax debt for good.  Imagine not having to worry about your back-tax debt anymore.  Imagine having this problem finally solved.  Imagine a return to peace of mind.  The first step is easy.  Contact M&M.

Get a Reasonable Monthly Payment Plan with the IRS

Whether you are an individual staring at a personal income tax debt or a business owner with a payroll tax debt, the first step is the most important.  If you don’t act now and take the steps to resolve your issue, it will only get worse.  Believe me; you don’t want the IRS to make the next move.  The quicker you act to resolve your tax liabilities, the better chance you have of securing a resolution that you can live with.  And with M&M at your side, your chances go up as your stress level will go down.

M&M will communicate with the IRS on your behalf.  We’ll help you complete the paperwork needed to secure a formal resolution with the Service.  And we’ll guide you through the process from beginning to end.  We’ve successfully secured hundreds of affordable Installment Agreements for clients nationwide since we opened our doors in 2005, and we can deliver the same for you.  And remember, M&M has successfully saved its clients well over $6,500,000 in penalties.

If you own and/or operate a business that has unpaid payroll taxes, the IRS will be extra tough on you.  

Contact us to find out if we can help you and how we do it.  M&M’s Tax Resolution System is designed to resolve business and individual tax liabilities, while decreasing the liability wherever possible.  You can keep track of how well it works here.



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