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Be Like David and Improve Your Business

There’s an android named David in Ridley Scott’s visionary sci-fi epic “Prometheus.”  Because David is a robot programmed to serve the needs of his human counterparts, it is easy to admire his fascination with and blind adherence to maintaining the order of things.  He simply follows rules that work, and changes those that don’t.  His only mission is to ensure the health and sustainability of his employer, following the systems programmed into his central processing unit.  Never mind that David’s boss breeds alien creatures with acid for blood.  That’s beside the point.  What’s right on target, however, is that systems are an important part of providing a consistent service and product.  It helps to have a system in place for just about every process in your business to ensure smooth operations and client/customer satisfaction.

Business systems help ensure consistency

Without systems, each of your employees will perform the same task differently, likely producing a different outcome each time.  This can be disastrous for a business, as companies that don’t provide consistently good products don’t last.  At M&M, we realized the need for consistency from day one, and began incorporating systems from the start.  All of our systems are integral to our success.  Many of our systems will never change, while others are “living” systems that constantly change and improve.  That may sound very David-like, but that mindset has proven to be remarkably successful in our case.  There are times as a business owner, when it’s beneficial to look at your business in a dispassionate way, analyzing very honestly what you’re doing right and what you’re doing wrong.  Like an android would.  Do this often and your business will improve.

At M&M, we’re constantly searching for ways to innovate and improve our living systems.  Innovation is one of the keys to our success, which also translates to happy clients and happy employees, and more success.  Stop the innovation and you’ll be left behind in the business world.

M&M's Tax Resolution System

One of our living systems, that we continue to cultivate each day, is M&M’s Tax Resolution System.  This allows us to work within the strict guidelines set by the IRS and State taxing authorities, ensuring the best possible results for our clients.  
  • Step 1 – First, we’ll gather the necessary information from you to get an accurate picture of your situation.  As you feed us the necessary documents, we take it from there by completing the necessary paperwork for you. 
  • Step 2 – Next, we collect vital information from the IRS and/or State to determine the severity of your collection case, including your total balance, the total penalties assessed, and possible resolutions that fit within your monthly budget. 
  • Step 3 – Using the knowledge we’ve gained, we’ll implement a strategy specific to your needs.   M&M’s Tax Resolution System eliminates the fear and guesswork associated with confronting your growing tax liability, while saving you time and money in the process.
M&M’s Tax Resolution System is designed to accomplish three important tasks:  
  • A Permanent Solution – We’ll guide you toward the resolution of your back taxes today and help you avoid the same costly troubles tomorrow.  With our guidance you’ll be armed with the knowledge to maintain a solution to your tax problems.
  • Protection Now – A formal resolution with the IRS and/or State can shield you from levies, garnishments and seizures.  But you need protection now.  With your participation, M&M’s Tax Resolution System will help you protect your assets throughout the negotiation process.
  • Time and Money – M&M’s System is designed to save you money by requesting the removal and reduction of penalties.  We’ll help you prepare your Penalty Abatement for review by the IRS and/or State, maximizing your likelihood of success.  We also eliminate the stress and frustration of dealing directly with the IRS and State by shouldering the contact and communication burden for you.      
As a group, M&M’s management and employees innovate and maintain our systems together.  We believe that it is important to include input from all of our employees when discussing our systems.   After all, we all use the same systems every day.  To ignore an idea from the front lines would be a disservice to our clients and employees.    

We feel that the information in this blog itself is enough reason for you to contact us if you have an IRS or State tax debt that needs to be resolved.  M&M provides stellar tax resolution service nationwide.  Contact us here or call us at 866-487-5624 to find out how M&M’s Tax Resolution System can help you.


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