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IRS Urges Travelers with Seriously Delinquent Tax Debt

In January 2018 the IRS started to implement new procedures involving “seriously delinquent tax debt and the taxpayer’s passport.  The IRS must notify the State Department of taxpayers that have a balance due of more than $50,000* (including tax, penalties and interest) and for whichIf this is you, your passport may be denied, revoked or limited.
Check out the code section.

Does Your Business Take You Across the Border?

To avoid IRS passport issues, you have a few options.There are also some other situations that will keep the Passport Police at bay.
  • Bankruptcy – remember, some taxes aren’t dischargeable in bankruptcy, like 941 payroll tax and trust fund recovery penalty.
  • Victims of tax-related identity theft
  • If you’re located in a Federally declared disaster area
  • If you’re serving in a combat zone
Big Summer Vacation Plans?

If your planning to cross the border for business or pleasure, M&M can help you fix your back-tax problem and avoid passport issues.  But, you’ve got to contact us now.  This stuff doesn’t happen overnight.  
*$50,000 amount is adjusted yearly for inflation.



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