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Get Started Fixing Your Tax Debt

Don’t Wait!

Some of you are working hard toward resolving your back-tax issues. That's great. Keep it up. But...

Some of you are frozen, waiting for something to happen, instead of taking action. Some of you will wait a little bit too long. And, it sucks when that happens.

Actually, it also sucks for us when our clients wait too long to address their back-taxes. Don't get me wrong, we love the opportunity to help a client in need, but it can be way more difficult to get the results we're both looking for.

A couple times a week or so we get a call from someone that received a proposal from us months ago. They need us to get started immediately!

Why? Because the IRS took all the Money out of their bank account.

This puts all of us in worse position because now the IRS holds all the cards. A taxpayer in back-tax trouble is already playing a game with the rules written by the IRS. Now, the IRS has every advantage over them.

In order to help our new client, we have to drop everything and work on this new "REDcase immediately. But that's not all.
  • It costs more because 
    • we have to drop everything else
    • now there is more work; there's a levy that has to be addressed
  • Our new client also has to drop everything to get us the information/documents we need to salvage the situation
  • Funds are gone, no longer in the bank account, which may affect payroll and other bills
  • If you're a business, the IRS may have also contacted your Accounts Receivable to request payment be sent to the government instead of you
  • the list goes on
We want the best for our clients. Waiting does not produce the best result.
So, don't wait.

I'm not telling you to hire my company. I am telling you to get started fixing your back-tax problem.

Remember to do these 2 things while you're deciding how to move forward.
  1. Maintain Current Tax Compliance, and
  2. Meet Your Deadlines



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