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2 Critical Big Wins in Tax Relief

I got it handled.

My accountant’s doin' it.

I got my attorney workin’ on it.

We hear this a lot from people when we first talk to them. After a couple of follow up questions, we both realize that they have no idea what they’re doing.

So many people in back-tax trouble, especially small business owners, go about resolving their tax liabilities the wrong way. That's why they end up hiring us to do it.

Even if you think - 
  • you don’t need help, or
  • you can’t afford it or
  • you got someone working on it or
  • you don’t trust anyone else to do it,
Contact us to find out
  • How We Resolve Back-Tax Liabilities,
  • Why We Do It the Way We Do It, and
  • How We Charge Fees.
From there, it’s up to you. Hire us or continue doing what you’re doing. Completely up to you, no pressure here.

In the meantime, there are 2 things that you can do, no matter your back-tax situation, that will give you a fighting chance with the IRS Collections group and state taxing authorities.

2 Critical Big Wins in Tax Relief

Current Tax Compliance

The first step in resolving any back-tax liability is gaining current tax compliance.

File any missing tax returns that you are responsible for filing. File current tax returns on time moving forward with full payment.  Make all your tax payments on time and in full.

This is a prerequisite for all back-tax resolutions with the IRS or state. They will not consider a resolution other than a lump sum full payment of all tax, penalties and interest if you are not able to gain and maintain current tax compliance.

If you’re a small business and unable to maintain current tax compliance, the IRS or state may decide to shut you down or revoke a license.

"Are you telling me I should pay my current taxes before I pay the back-taxes?"  Yes! Yes! Yes!

Current tax compliance is a must!

Meet IRS and State Deadlines

The IRS sets deadlines for just about everything.
  • Current tax payments – estimated taxes, business payroll taxes…
  • Installment Agreements payments to satisfy back-taxes
  • Tax return filing deadlines – 1040s, 1120s, 1065s, 990s, 941s, 940s…
The IRS Collection machine also works on deadlines.  Meet your deadlines and you should be mostly okay. Miss your deadlines… and you’re playing with fire. You could miss your deadline by a week or two and be fine.  You could miss it by a day and wake up with no $$ in your bank account. You never know with the IRS, that’s the thing.

Your IRS Revenue Officer

Remember, the IRS Revenue Officer enforces tax law.  That’s why the title is “Officer”.

Your Revenue Officer works on deadlines.

Your RO may be quick to pull the trigger on bank levies, garnishments, A/R levies… if you miss a deadline. This serves a 2 main purposes.
  • Get your attention, that’s for sure, and
  • Collect some of the tax, usually not all of it

IRS Automated Collection Service

If you called an IRS toll free number, you probably spoke with ACS, and an IRS Automated Collection System representative likely gave you a deadline.
  • to call back,
  • to make a payment,
  • to file a tax return,
  • to provide financial information…
It’s important to follow through and meet your deadline because the IRS’ Automated Collection System will also issue levies/garnishments when deadlines are missed.

Gain tax compliance and meet your deadlines, and you should be off to a good start fixing your back-tax problem.

Need help?  Contact us. We’re really good at this.



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