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M&M Financial has been successfully resolving back tax liabilities for small businesses and individuals nationwide since 2005.  We deal with the IRS and State taxing authorities, so you do not have to!  

If you or your business owes back-tax to the New Hampshire Department of Revenue Administration, we recommend reading Taxpayer Assistance – Collection of Taxes.

Below is some information that will help you start resolving your state tax liabilities.  If you have questions and would like to talk to a licensed Tax Resolution Specialist please do not hesitate to call us at 866-487-5624.


The New Hampshire Department of Revenue Administration provides only a few payment plan options to satisfy a back-tax liability.  In the past, a 20% down payment was often required. Today, you should be able to get away with simply sending your first payment along with your request for a payment plan.

The NH-DOR will typically allow a 6 to 24-month payment plan.  When requesting a payment plan with New Hampshire Department of Revenue Administration you will need to request your payment plan online or complete Form CD-400.  As always, current tax compliance is necessary.  This means filing all required tax returns and making current tax payments on time.

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Offer in Compromise

The state of NH has a Settlement Agreement Offer program available to those that qualify.  This is New Hampshire’s version of the Offer in Compromise.  To be a viable candidate to for the NH Settlement Agreement you will need to be in current tax compliance, lack the ability to make a monthly payment and lack equity in assets, like your home.  If you meet these criteria, you might qualify.  

Penalty Relief

To our knowledge, New Hampshire Department of Revenue Administration will only abate penalties assessed to a back-tax liability if you have proof that your tax debt was accrued due to written advice from the Department of Revenue, which very rarely happens.  


The New Hampshire Department of Revenue Administration has some flexibility when it comes to back tax liabilities.  Each case varies based on factors such as your compliance history, type of tax owed and total amount past due.   

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