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Unsure of Your IRS Rights and Options?

Fear of the Unknown

In a recent survey, we found that some of you get really frustrated when dealing with the IRS on your own. The common concerns are – 
  • Unsure of Rights and Options
  • Takes Too Much Time
  • My Agent is Unresponsive
A survey in 2015 revealed the same basic concerns.
  • Terrified of IRS
  • Aggressive Agents
  • Unsure of Rights and Options
  • My Agent is Unresponsive
The consistent answers in the two surveys let us know that you get anxious when you’re not sure what to do next and your IRS Revenue Officer becomes unpredictable.

Am I being taken advantage of?
What information and documents do I need to provide?  Why?
Will my bank account get hit?
When do I start making payments?How do I make them?
Do I qualify for any reductions?

Important Tax Resolution Factors

In those same surveys, we found that the most important considerations for those choosing a Tax Resolution company to represent you or your business in front of the IRS are - 
  1. Protection from Levies and Seizures
  2. Experience Level
  3. Flexible Fee Options
  4. Penalty Reduction Options

What You Can Expect from M&M Financial

The Known

M&M has been helping real people like you resolve and reduce their IRS and state tax liabilities since 2005.  We provide business owners and individual taxpayers the guidance and leadership they need during a very difficult time in their life.  Owing a significant back-tax debt is no joke.  We get it!

We Know Exactly What It Takes to Fix the Problem
  • Terrified of IRS? - We work with the IRS every day.  We are not terrified of them.  This is what we do.
  • Aggressive Agents? - M&M is your Power  of Attorney in front of the IRS.  You talk to us, we negotiate with them.
  • Unsure of Rights and Options? - Simple.  We know your Rights and Options.  We're licensed to represent you in front of the IRS.
  • Unresponsive Agent? - M&M's Tax Resolution Process allows us to guide you in the right direction, even when your Revenue Officer is unresponsive.  We've been doing this a long time.

Get Under the M&M Umbrella

We Take the Guess Work Out of It

Here’s what you can expect from M&M as your representative before the IRS and/or state.
  1. Protection – We've developed a time-tested process to resolve back-tax liabilities.  We’ve been doing it since 2005.  With your cooperation, we can avoid levies, wage garnishments and other seizures.  Our resolution process and the solution we negotiate on your behalf work to protect you from aggressive collection tactics.
  2. Experience Level – Again, we’ve been doing this since 2005.  M&M has several Enrolled Agents with 10+ years of experience working in our System.  Look at some of our results.
  3. Flexible Fee Options – We’ll give you a fee quote to handle the whole job.  If you need to split it up, ask us.  We’ll work with you.  If you’re not satisfied within the first 15 days of us being on the job, cancel for a full refund.  
  4. Penalty Relief – The IRS and states charge penalties for many reasons.  There are a few ways to get them reduced or eliminated. But, you need to become eligible to be considered for relief, and then you must qualify for relief.  Look at some real examples of our $6,500,000+ in Penalty Relief success.
Read the Truth About Penalty Abatement.  

Contact Us to find out the strategy we’d take to resolve your tax liabilities.  What do you have to gain by waiting?

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